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The not so adept Wizard of Evil, Woe for short, transports two bad children to the legendary land of Chicle where he wants to make them monstrous. The youngsters, Todd and Allison, escape but are thrust into the quest of retrieving the magic power stone of Woe's twin brother, the kindly, incompetent wizard, Early Good One, Ego for short [Woe's virtuous twin brother]. They must also rescue Prince Cal, a very poor poet, and his bride to be, Princess Poly, a not so lovely lilter.

The kids must over come Woe's three wicked trolls, Fee, Fi, and Fo-Fum, his guards, children happily enrolled in his schools of Bad-Child-Training, mythical creatures and the chicle pits (fire and brimstone slave vats).

They are aided by three fisherman gnomes, Hook, Line and Sinker, appropriately named for what they wear and how they speak. In addition they use the magic chicle picture cards. By blowing bubbles with the sacred gum and staring hard at the blank cards, what they need materializes first on the paper, then in reality.

When they are captured along with their help mates and jailed with Cal and Poly, all appears lost. After the exciting climax, Woe and his evil helpers are beaten soundly but escape to allow for future episodes. Todd and Allison return home, triumphantly 'GOOD' awaiting their return to Egoland for the future nuptials of Cal and Poly.



This is a beautiful action/adventure story based on ancient legends and folklore of Hawaii as related by the story teller, Haleole. Prince Ekahi performs many amazing feats to accomplish a noble goal; find the 'Water of Kane' and restore life to his slain father's body before its spirit departs earth forever.

Ekahi leaves home and his intended bride, Waka, to venture on his journey of salvation. The story proceeds as a string of triumphs with Ekahi outwitting many evil opponents; Hawaiian Gods, Demi-Gods, Spirits and weird mythological creatures, each with bestowed properties to destroy.

He uses poetry, cleaver deeds, bravery or subtle ploys to overcome the many obstacles.

Ekahi is aided on his quest by his trusty spear, magic calabash and for a time by Kenika, chief of the Menehunes. In addition good Hawaiian Gods, Demi-Gods, beneficent Spirits, and weird mythological creatures help him to achieve his goal.

While Ekahi searches for the water of life, Waka discovers Elua, Ekahi's brother, did the diabolical deed in order to take over as king and win her hand in marriage. When confronted, Elua escapes and seeks sanctuary in the Pu'uhonua.

Good triumphs over evil and in the end forgiveness, rather than revenge, is the savior.

All is maintained faithful to Hawaiian tradition.



This is a science fiction, action/adventure mystery novel with psycho/sexual content.

After performing for the underground, illegal and secret, magical society, a lower level government employee, Eby Talent again wins second place in the annual intergalactic event. He should have taken first but prejudice prevails.

He returns home and finds a nearly dead man, Mitchell, in his apartment. This man is one of the triumvirate commanding the Government's Agency of Security. They are the most powerful trio on the planet. Mitchell gives the master magician a mysterious object for safe keeping with instructions to deliver it to ALICIA, "Save the Queen" and "Remember fifty-one". Mitchell dies.

Eby is thrust into a living nightmare necessitated by his need to elude the local police Inspector Frank Krupka, villains; Boris and Campion, as well as the remaining triumvirate members, Inama and Dwite. All are seeking Mitchell's secret magic box.

Eby must save his life and that of his helpmate, Alicia, while attempting to solve the mystery of the black box, discover the meaning of "Remember fifty-one" and ascertain who is "The Queen" and how to save her.

Alicia continues her undercover operations for the police chief, Krupka, while assisting Eby who discovers her double agent status but continues the relationship while falling in love with another.

Others, working for the opposition, also befriend Eby who becomes suspicious of everyone even his newest love.

Eby ultimately discloses his sexual identity as others disclose theirs in various sexual and non sexual scenes.

Throughout the novel, the reader learns Eby's deeper psychological motivations as well as those of Alicia and Inspector Krupka.

The novel has a climactic ending in which Eby uses his legerdemain to overpower the physically more powerful enemies and escape to another time/place.



This novel explores the lives and interactions of disturbed souls in a riveting psychological drama which exposes dark secrets and hidden desires. At first, the characters appear to have little in common except personal frustration, but as the story evolves, they become intertwined in a web of dread.

The excitement of passion, despondency of loss, sickness of cruelty and the emotions of anger, disgust, sympathy and revelation unfold throughout as mentally disturbed Terri seeks revenge.

Not quite eighteen years of age, she pursues retribution upon those whom she concluded had victimized her as a child of the social welfare system. The first target of her vengeance is small town physician, Derrick Faulter, who, is subjected to unreasonable charges by another bureaucratic department.

The government agent, Patricia Warden, had, six years previously, also dispensed injustice unto Terri's father currently serving out his penitentiary time.

Terri wants her devout daddy, now.

While Terri works her feminine wiles upon Derrick, his girlfriend, Wanda, is uncovered as a nefarious law enforcement accomplice. She narowly escapes Terri allowing the younger woman an un-obstructed opportunity to exact her perverted revenge.

The plot twists and turns in a heart wrenching, dramatic ending of Divine retribution, wherein we ultimately understand the players, perhaps empathetically, but do we approve of their sinful actions?



This novel is the story of a young reporter, TIMMY, who is selected to research and then write a book on the loss of American constitutional rights due to the war on drugs.

He is preferred over a number of other candidates and aided by Sally, a rookie policewoman assigned to him by his two mentors, Doctor Gould and supervisor Jackson. These very important city officials want the book published but for personal reasons must remain in the background.

Fick, an alcoholic, newspaperman becomes Timmy's advisor and protector until this old timer has to disappear from underworld assassins.

During this investigative journalistic adventure, ruthless persons pursue the heros and heroine. Timmy and Sally discover much authentic data using the newspaper's morgue. This material shows how the war on drugs is costing Americans their freedoms.

The information they discover is emphasized by short stories based upon the facts gleaned from the newsmedia. These stories are related by the four principles; Dr. Gould, Mr. Jackson, Sally and finally Timmy who falls in love with Sally. Their romance is virginally immature in nature.

When Timmy discovers Sally's dual role of helpmate and cop, he rejects her. In this strained capacity, they continue to work together and eventually are romantically re-united.

Timmy becomes ever increasingly stalked and attacked by unknown persons. After his apartment is devastated by vandals, he and Sally are hurriedly married and take the book material on their honeymoon intent on making it into a novel.

They remain hidden long enough for the task to be completed. On the day the newlyweds prepare to leave their mountain hideaway, do they escape the assassins and does the book ever reach publication?

The answer is partially yes, as Timmy is murdered and Sally escapes to see the book published with the aid of Fick, now able to partially return from hiding.

This novel is readily adaptable into a TV mini-series with the wrap around story of Timmy and Sally presented in the color mode and the short expose stories seen in black and white.



This is the story of true love's triumph over false passion while dealing with novice sleuthing. It is about what happens to a reclusive, lesbian scientist when she attempts to unravel the mystery of her sister-in-law's murder. Alma, a mid-thirties, compulsively exacting scientist, is thrust into the task of saving her brother Richard from the executioner.

During the investigation of his wife's homicide, Richard is the number one suspect with more than sufficient motives. His wife's threatened divorce would leave him penniless but her death makes this playboy filthy rich. His despised step children gain nothing in their mother's death, but everything if Richard is convicted of the crime. So they work with the authorities in order to condemn their step father and thus inherit their mother's estate. They arrange his incarceration as the number one suspect.

Alma's mother, Betty, is an extremely selfish person who dominates and controls her daughter to the degree of smothering. In fact, she has kept her daughter a near prisoner in her home by furnishing her room and board for a price. The ultimate inducement is allowing Alma to use the adjacent huge metal shop as her laboratory. Her attempts at controlling her son are much less successful.

While attempting to solve the mystery of who executed her bother's wife, Alma meets and falls infatuatedly in love with a much younger woman, Karen, who has ulterior motives not at all related to their budding relationship.

She woos Alma in an attempt to discover the secrets of her scientific inquiries, which, when successful, will make the possessor of this knowledge wealthy beyond belief. On behalf of a clandestine international organization, Karen is sent to investigate Alma, but she has ulterior motives not at all romantic in nature. She only plays the part to realize her goal of stealing the secrets for her personal use.

When Alma's true love, Carol Lee, arrives from MIT for the spring break, Alma is torn between her new found infatuation with Karen and Carol who had been her lover for a year while Alma taught at MIT. Carol is miffed to find a rival but must leave to be with family. She returns because of her great love of Alma and jealousy.

When Karen fails to succeed in her mission, she disappears from Alma's life leaving Alma to realize her true heart and re-connect with Carol.

For failure in her duty to the organization, Karen is attacked by a gangster style mob. She escapes their attempted assassination, then discovers her mistake in prematurely leaving Alma who had discovered the ultimate key to success. Karen returns to pursue her personal mission of greed but is coldly welcomed by the re-connected lovers. She convinces them of her desire to aid in their search for the real murderer and convinces them of her necessary talents to assist in proving Richard innocent of the crime. Reluctantly they accept her needed aid.

In the end, the at odds trio discover the identity of the killer and save Alma's brother for the moment.

When Karen exposes her true ambitions and physically attacks the women, Alma and Carol Lee defend themselves. In the life and death struggle, they defeat Karen only to discover failure in saving Richard.

But they have found true love and will leave Betty to her narcissistic existence without her daughter's succor.


             HOW TO LIVE ON NO MONEY, almost!



This book deals with the monetary crisis that exists today and how, we in America, can survive while still enjoying our lives.


I take the reader through all facets of monetary expenditures and show every one how they can save substantially without great sacrifices for them or their family.


As I take them down this path, I will show them many ways to not only save money but how to properly prepare for those dark days ahead.  I also show them how to not waste their precious dollars while not giving up their enjoyment of life.  In fact, as they learn my ways of living a new existence, they will be happier and healthier as will their entire family.


I do this from my bitter personal experience of having been a very wealthy man only to have lost it all in a nasty divorce.  Beginning a new life without the affluence I had had for so many years, I was forced to learn HOW TO LIVE ON NO MONEY, ALMOST.  I share my growth and development with the readers as well as through the addition of true short stories taken from friends and acquaintances that I have known who are not, nor will they every be, money wise.


So, if the reader wants to stretch a dollar, enjoy their life style and eliminate their monetary worries, then this is the book for them, all taken from my personal hardships which have lead me, once again, to be able to live a comfortable life and smile all the time.

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