THE AD MARKET  [2 pages] - Comedy 


LOG LINE:  These are five short, comedy spoof advertisements for approximately 30 second laughs; deodorant, smoke remover, pick-me-up, best bank, and best computer.


BANJO JAZZ MUSICIAN  [11 pages] - Dramatic fantasy


LOG LINE:  An unknown jazz banjo player gets her just reward.  A 'Twilight Zone' style piece.


BARNEY'S WISH - [4 pages] - Comedic fantasy


LOG LINE:  A man who apparently has everthing gets his ultimate wish.


BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS [7 pages] - Short fantasy film


LOG LINE:  A teenage female's fondest desire is granted by a magical mirror with malevolent results.


A BIT OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY  [8 Pages] - A short dramatic film


An old cowboy considers the meaning of life.


THE BRACELET  [3 pages] - A short terror film


LOG LINE:  A reluctant man is urged to commit murder and after the deed feels relieved at a job well done.


CAFETERIA  [2 pages] - Silent Comedy


LOG LINE:  An in a hurry yuppie is humiliated in a cafeteria line.


THE COLLECTOR  [25 pages] - Comedy


LOG LINE:  Dracula's descendant attempts to seduce a Russian exchange student while her host family educates and protects her.


CLASS REUNION  [5 pages] - Silent Terror


LOG LINE:  Ten years after graduation, a young man meets his past with dire consequences.


THE CLOWN  (3 pages) - Comedy


LOG LINE:  A dwarf male clown does a birthday gig for a solo dwarf female and love comes alive.


THE DONKEY INTERVIEW  [3 pages] - Animation


LOG LINE:   A donkey is interviewed about his great ancestor upon whom Jesus road.


FACE IN THE WATER  [13 pages] - Dramedy


LOG LINE:  This light drama with comedic elements shows a child's fear of drowning nearly becoming a reality.


GLOBAL WARMING HOAX [12 pages] - Dramedy


LOG LINE:  A GRANDFATHER and a GRANDSON discuss and debunk Al Gore's global warming hoax based upon scientific evidence.


GRANDPA'S FARM  [6 pages] - Silent Zany Comedy


LOG LINE:  An inept city woman visits her grandfather's farm with comedic consequences.


THE HAUNTED ARENA  [23 pages] - Horror/Fantasy


LOG LINE:     A wrestling wise lad, encounters the ghost of Battling Bart and must prove himself in the arena against Satanic creatures.


HEAVEN SENT  [18 pages] - Uplifting drama


LOG LINE:  A female college professor and a drag racer fall in love, die and...


IN THE NICK OF TIME  [12 pages] - Comedy


LOG LINE:  This short quiz show spoof contains bizarre characters, outlandish questions and answers, zany comedy and a final punch line.  It is written for child performers but is equally funny with adults.


LEMONADE  [3 pages] - Animation comedy


LOG LINE:  A hungry man receives an orgasmic gastronomic delight.

LONG LIVE THE CAT  [3 pages] - Silent Musical Drama


LOG LINE:  This is a short, musical film about death, sorrow and rejuvenation of a Dixieland trumpet player.   Length of piece depends on choice of music and the choreographer.


OH BANANAS!  [9 pages] - Comedy


LOG LINE:  An Italian immigrant boy learns the moral of 'If at first you don't succeed'. 


OH, I DO HATE MY BROTHER!  [7 pages] - Terror


LOG LINE:  A younger brother attempts to kill his very hated, older brother with dire consequences.


ROMERO AND JULIE  [6 pages] - Comedy


LOG LINE:  This modern teenage marriage proposal spoofs Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene.


RURAL BREAKFAST  [3 pages] - Silent Comedy/fantasy -Animation


LOG LINE:  A farmer meets his match when gathering fresh food for breakfast.


SECOND CHANCE [7 pages] - A mother/daughter future love story


LOG LINE:  A mother gets a second chance after her daughter's near death.


SEEDS-R-US  [3 pages] - Comedy


LOG LINE:  Even in the future, divorce is a nasty affair for women.


STREET PEOPLE  [5 pages] - Silent Drama


LOG LINE:  Not everything is what it appears in this nearly typical day in the life of two homeless persons.


TRASHED  [3 pages] - Light comedic spoof


LOG LINE:  An arrogant yuppie pays the ultimate fine for littering.


THE WHINER AND THE WINNER  [8 pages] - Light dramatic spoof


LOG LINE:  Two men meet six years after graduation.  You decide who is really the successful one.


THE WITCH'S WISH  [15 & 25 page versions] - Fantasy


LOG LINE:  A teenage witch craving her first seduction from an intellectual, religious teenage lad, gets much more from Satan than she desired.


TONIGHT IT'S FOR LOVE [In silent pages or in 10 pages with dialogue and more characters]  - Love story


LOG LINE:  A fateful meeting of two professional lovers in a movie house results in a happy ending.


WHEELCHAIR BOUND  [4 pages] - Light drama


LOG LINE:  A child shows her grandfather how to no longer feel sorry for himself.


Thank you for considering my work and when you are ready I do have feature screenplays available in all genres and budgets. 


Dennis Goldberg, M.D., retired

1254 Lane 8

Powell, Wyoming U.S.A.

ZIP  82435

Cell:  307-754-5017

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