I am an award winning, produced screenwriter who can be found on the Internet Movie Data Base at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2661923. Below are listed some of my accomplishments:

I am the co-writer of the currently available feature film 'A VIKING SAGA, SON OF THOR' which received a double win at First Take Film Festival, Augusta, Georgia as WINNER for Best Independent Filmmaker and for Best Musical Score. It also took FIRST in the foreign film category at the Washougal International Film Festival http://www.washougalfilmfest.org/pdf/2008WINNERS.pdf. The film has been released nationwide and is available on DVD. On the Internet Movie Data Base at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0834967/

The 22 minute short film ‘MY ANGEL, MY HERO’, is the very touching story of a child with Parkinson's Disease where dance becomes a major part of the young lad's life. It is now available for distribution. I was the e-mail co-writer with director Faizan Sheikh who had co-director Dan Shor on the film which can be found at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1543544/

I am the co-writer for Watkins Entertainment's new TV show entitled 'WANNABE ME', a comedy spoof on HOLLYWOOD. The in process website can be seen at http://www.wannabeme.tv . It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 15 January 2009 then at the Beverly Hills Film Festival on April Fool's Day 2009.

I recently completed a thriller feature screenplay for Branislav 'Bruno' Tatalovic now teaching filmmaking in Cleveland. The tentative title is 'THE BUTTERFLY' and will be filmed in his native country Serbia in 2012. It is based upon one of their folklore tales.

I completed an assignment for the most unique feature Mafia movie ever, entitled 'ANGEL ADONA' which is currently available for co-production in Los Angeles.

Mr. Tatalovic made one of my short screenplays 'I'LL GET YOU HARRY' which took second place in the student film maker/short film category at The Indie Gathering http://www.theindiegathering.com/2008.htm The film was made by him when studying cinema in Cleveland prior to moving to California and then returning to Cleveland where he now teaches filmmaking. More about this film can be found at www.tatalovic.org/harry_short_film.

In August 2009, I received a DVD copy of 'HIS PERFECT PICK UP LINE' from director Tana Huggins of this short film which I wrote as part of OTT two minute film festival.

'THE BAD GUY SPEAKS' is a short screenplay produced by Workshed pictures. It was completed in 2005 by Director Tatalovic in Cleveland, Ohio and had it's European premier at Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival in 2006.

'A LITTLE BIT OF DISCIPLINE' is my short, first place, award winning screenplay in the Boulder Asian Film Festival. It was then filmed in Powell, Wyoming and Boulder, Colorado by producer/director Alan O'Hashi in 2006. It can be seen on http://www.boulderasianmovies.org/ for your entertainment.

On Friday the 31st. of July 2009, I wrote a short screenplay for producer/director Branislav 'Bruno' Tatalovic as our entry into the Cleveland 48 hour film competition http://www.48hourfilm.com/cleveland/ Our short film 'OOCHIE' was delivered on time, on 02 August. More about this excellent director/producer can be found at www.tatalovic.org and www.myspace.com/tatalovic .

My short screenplay 'CHRISTMAS CONFESSIONS' was completed on 13 June 2009 by Kirsty Dua at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, in Chislehurst, Kent, U.K. From students my only request is a DVD copy of the film, screenwriting credit and that they promise to aid students when they are a success.

My short screenplays ‘THE AD MARKET’ and ‘DEJECTED HUSTLER’ have just been optioned and are to be made in Scotland in late 2012.

'BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS' a short screenplay is now in student pre-production for 2015.

I sold the short screenplay 'BARNEY'S WISH' to Showbiz Shorts, LLC for 2015 production.


'LAND OF SHADOWS' is a short screenplay which I wrote and as a student production was completed at New York University by director Patrick Tashadian.


Co-writer with Shawna Kent and Hank Muchnic of the short film 'MY LAST WIFE' directed by Chung Pai, Produced by Adam Reich and Chung Pai.at One Eye Productions.


I have family in Los Angeles, so when necessary, I love to visit them and write as well.

Dennis Goldberg, M.D. retired

1254 Lane 8

Powell, Wyoming 82435

Cell: 307-754-5017



Can be found on Internet Movie Data Base at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2661923/

Also on www.unsoldscripts.com a free screenplay reading site geared for educational purposes.


Dennis Goldberg, M.D. ceased entering screenwriting contests in late 2001 to allow other writers an opportunity to receive awards.

The following are his screenwriting contest placements:

2002 - Short screenplay 'Long Live The Cat' was one of four FINALISTS in the Bare Bones International Screenplay Contest.


2002 - Feature screenplay 'Maggie' was one of four FINALISTS in the Bare Bones International Screenplay Contest.


2002 - Feature screenplay 'Kakorraphiaphobia' received HONORABLE MENTION in the Best In The West Screenwriting Competition.


2002 - Short screenplay 'Long Live The Cat' was a 'SPECIAL MENTION' in the 2001 American Gem Short Script Competition.

2001 - Feature screenplay 'Ekahi Of Hawaii' won FIRST PLACE for animation at the Santa Clarita International film festival.


2001 - Feature screenplay 'Two At Low Eight' was a SEMI-FINALIST in Worldfest-Houston.


2001 - Feature screenplay 'Irreverent Interns' was a semi-finalist in the Bare Bones International Screenplay & Film Festival Competition thus receiving 'HONORABLE MENTION'.


2000 - Feature screenplay 'Double Bubble Trouble' won SECOND PLACE for animation at the Burbank International Children's Film Festival.


2000 - Feature screenplay 'African Adventure' was in the TOP TEN in the Red Inkworks screenwriting competition.


2000 - Feature screenplays, 'Ekahi of Hawaii' and 'Double Bubble Trouble', were in the TOP TEN of the Skorpeonyx entertainment screenwriting competition.


2000 - Feature screenplay 'The Phantom Of The Comedy Club' was a FINALIST in the Bare Bones International Screenplay & Film Festival.


1999 - Feature screenplay 'Running Deer' received 'HONORABLE MENTION in the Best In The West Screenwriting Competition.


1999 - Feature screenplay 'Ekahi of Hawaii' was eliminated in the final competition at the Flagstaff International Film Festival.


1998 - In the Hutton-McLean Literary Associates Writing Contest - WINNER  of the short screenplay competition with 'Romero And Julie'.


Edward DiLorenzo, John Vorhaus, Les Roberts, Malvin Wald, Danny Simon and Scott Young.



DOUBLE BUBBLE TROUBLE - A fantasy novel for 10 - 14 year olds was published by Level 4 Press found at  
http://www.level4press.com/ . 

Dennis Goldberg, M.D. had spent much time in Los Angeles promoting this as well as continuing to write episodes for the TV show WANNABEME.


Dennis Goldberg, M.D. has penned over 150 short stories entitled 'From Chuckles to Chills' which vary from mainstream to experimental; from twenty-five word flash fiction to novella; and represent all genres.



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